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for   Footbed
Article Thickness Composition Main Characteristic Data Sheet
ElaTherm   1100 mm   5,50 microfibers   and   microsphers; thermoformable;   breathable;   light; Available
ElaTherm   3700 mm   2,00 microfibers   and   microsphers; remove   sweat   from   the   foot,   keeping   it   dry; Available
MemoFoam mm   3,50 foam   in   Memory   latex; cushion   control;   breathable;   absorbent; Available
ShapeFoam mm   5,50 thermoformable   latex   foam; thermoformable;   breathable;   absorbent Available
StatiFoam mm   3,30 antistatic   foam   by   synthetic   latex antistatic;   breathable;   absorbent; Available
ShELFohm mm   from   1,50   to   6,00 conductive   foam   by   synthetic   latex conductive;   thermoformable;   breathable;   absorbent; Available
MeCoFohm mm   3,50 conductive   foam   in   Memory   latex conductive;   cushion   control;   breathable;   absorbent; Available