the  best  is  yet  to  come

PraneM   born   from   the   experience   of   its   founder   Gabriele Diddi,  in   more   than   30   years   of   production   of   non   woven   fabrics   and   foams.       This   experience   led   to   development   of   materials   that   have   established   themselves   in   the   market   under   the   lines:   Thermoform,   DigoPlanet,   DigoMemory.       The   technologies   developed   within   the   family   company,   diddi & gori,   are   the   basis   for   this   new   challenge.       In   its   activity   PraneM   has   established   a   strong   cooperation   with companies   provided   with   more   suitable   machinery   for   several   products   to   achive,   thereby   offering   the   highest   level   of   service   to   the   market.       Companies   that   operate   according   to   the   specifications   provided   by   PraneM.       The   Mission   is   focused   on   developing   new   technologies   and   products,   operating   as   a   provider   of   technical   know-how   and   trade,   as   well   as   of   materials.