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    Over 50 years of activity

PraneM was born in 2011 by the will of Gabriele Diddi, taking up the legacy of the family company, diddi & gori.
The experience and knowledge developed in over 50 years of activity within d&g are today the solid foundations that allow to adapt the technological offer to the changed market conditions.
Footwear is the reference sector, declined in all its variants, classic, sports, sneakers, mountain, work, safety.
Based in Prato, it offers a range of items ranging from non-woven fabrics to jersey, warp-knit, foams, films and tapes.
In recent years, the focus has been on the development of new solutions for ESD safety shoes, offering articles for linings, sewing midsoles and insoles. Memory latex conductive foam represents the ability to combine safety with comfort.
This with extreme attention to eco-sustainability, using fibers from the recovery and recycling of processing waste and chemical products water-based.

The EcoStiff line of nonwovens, made without chemical binders, is its distinctive element.

The challenges posed by customers and the market is what we seek to continue improving.

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